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About Mohyi Law

 Mohyi Law is a Michigan based sister entity to Mohyi Labs and is where Law meets Technology. The purpose of Mohyi Law is to increase the accessibility of sophisticated legal services by leveraging technology. Mohyi Law leverages tools such as virtual reality and advanced indexing techniques to give clients an edge when navigating complexity. Mohyi Law works with both law firms and select clients directly. Follow us at



Mohyi Law recognizes that not all client issues are or appear purely legal, but may nevertheless require the skill set of an attorney or strategist. Although a service may not be specifically listed, we still may be able to help. Legally related skills include, but are not limited to: Negotiation, Public Relations, Strategic Analysis, and problems that require a creative or investigative mind.

Independent Co-Counsel (Law Firms)

Often a case requires a very particular set of skills that are not available in house. Mohyi Law is available as an independent co-counsel to help navigate complexity and provide creative strategic insight where existing options have limited appeal.

AI & Automated Vehicle Consulting

John Mohyi was an Autonomous Vehicle Legal Researcher for the Michigan Council on Future Mobility where he combined his legal research skills with his industry knowledge of autonomous vehicle to analyze the Michigan Vehicle Code and Insurance code. John Mohyi is also a member of the NVIDIA Inception program, a Deep Learning and AI Startup Incubator. In addition to performing several keynotes on self-flying cars, including for the 2017 Frost & Sullivan Intelligent Mobility Conference in London England, he has also consulted on the topic of automated vehicles for SAE International among others.

Drone Regulation Consulting (Government)

Sensible regulation of drones for delivery and other applications requires a deep understanding of both drone technology itself and the law. John Mohyi is a lawyer and drone entrepreneur who has pioneered a bladeless propulsion technology for drones and eventually flying cars. He has been recognized as a winner of the Lockheed Martin SXSW Helopitch competition as well as a finalist for the National Inventors Hall of Fame Collegiate Inventors Competition and the Department of Energy Cleantech UP competition. He was also a contestant on Intel's America's Greatest Makers on TBS.


A contract is a legal tool to create or forfeit rights and to allocate risk between parties. Before you sign, allow Mohyi Law to make sure your interests are protected.

Trade Secret Consulting

Trade Secrets are the most common form of intellectual property. If you have pre-patent knowledge or other sensitive know-how, Mohyi Law can help you protect your Trade Secrets from clients, employees, and business contacts. This includes providing or reviewing non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and other contracts.


Trademark Registration/Brand Protection

Owning the brand website is not enough. Protect your brand by filing for a Trademark.  Mohyi Law can help you with every stage of the Trademark and brand protection process from developing a brand identity and generating a logo, to performing a trademark search and registering your brand. Consulting with Mohyi Law before you launch can save you time and money in the event of a potential infringement of a related Trademark.

City/Township Law

Navigating local government ordinances can be overwhelming. This process can be especially frustrating when a resident is forced to apply for an after the fact permit and is at the mercy of an appointed board. It is unwise to represent yourself in these situations, and ultimately lack of representation comes at a high price.

Product Liability Consulting

Never underestimate the ingenuity of a fool. With an understanding of both the law and product development process, Mohyi Law can help you manage product liability risk before you launch, because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Early Stage Investment Analysis

Early stage investors assume the most risk. Before you walk into a money pit, Mohyi Law can help de-risk a potential investment by assessing red flags and evaluating intellectual property including patents.

Startup Consulting

Launching a startup involves many legal dynamics that can make or break a company. Among other needs, Startups need to know how to protect themselves, their Intellectual Property, and the equity between founders. John Mohyi is a lawyer and entrepreneur who can provide the experience and legal guidance you don't know that you need yet.

Media Relations Consulting

With national, regional, and local media experience in print, radio, online, and television mediums, John Mohyi has the experience you need to both navigate media relations and prepare for media interactions. Press experience highlights include TBS, History Channel, Discovery Channel Canada (not aired), The New York Times International Edition, BBC Radio, WJR-AM with Frank Beckmann and Paul W. Smith, Channel 7 WXYZ, Channel 6 WLNS-TV, Detroit Free Press, West Bloomfield Beacon, and Eccentric among others. John Mohyi has also presented multiple on-stage keynotes.